Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fat Burning Foods & Drinks

I ran across an article that listed the top 15 fat burning foods/drinks and decided to share them with everyone.

Grapefruit: Half a grapefruit prior to dinner can help fill you enough that you can resist second helpings. Also, the soluble fiber in grapefruit slows down the digestion process.

Watermelon: The water from watermelon invades the space that your stomach leaves open for food, thus making you less likely to pig out. Apples and pears produce a similar result, too.

Berries: Instead of a cookie, pop some blackberries or strawberries into your mouth. Frozen blueberries also provide the illusion of enjoying a cold, high-calorie treat.

Cucumber: Cucumber has very few calories and helps to stave off liver disease and pancreatic cancer, and even keeps your nails looking amazing due to the high mineral content.

Hot peppers: Although they haven’t been directly linked to weight loss, spicy habaneros or jalapeƱos aid in curbing the desire to gorge since we typically eat less when our food has a fiery flavor. Hot peppers also comprise the compound capsaicin, which speeds up the metabolism.

Celery: It satisfies the need to eat something, but it has virtually no calories (one cup of celery equals only nineteen calories. Tip: instead of adding cream cheese or peanut butter to the stalk, give fat-free cottage cheese or fat-free black bean dip.

Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt keeps you satisfied longer because all proteins take their sweet time leaving your stomach.

Eggs: Start the day off right with seven grams of protein! Having an egg in the morning will keep your body busy because digesting eggs burns more calories than a carb-infested breakfast.

Fish: Full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Wild salmon, tuna, and sardines make your body more responsive to the fat-burning hormone leptin, which is responsible for suppressing your appetite? If you don't like fish, turkey can also help as it encourages the release of tryptophan, which helps you sleep. Remember: lack of sleep wreaks havoc on your waistline!

Green tea: Multiple studies have recommended green tea for when you’re trying to shed pounds because it can motivate the body to burn abdominal fat. Moreover, it is made up of a type of phytochemical called catechins, which can assist the metabolism.

Coffee: Its a metabolism booster.

Ice cold water: Drink eight to ten glasses of ice cold water a day to burn 250 to 500 calories! Your body goes into overdrive trying to heat the water back up to your normal body temperature.

Quinoa: A great substitute for rice because it is as simple to prepare and possesses the same oddly satisfying quality as rice. It has five grams of fiber per cup and eight grams of hunger-rejecting protein.

Oatmeal: Add cinnamon or nutmeg to give your fiber-rich hot cereal a dash of sweetness. A hot bowl of oatmeal will make you feel full and keep you hydrated.

Crispbreads: Whole grains, as opposed to refined grains, such as those found in rye crackers, are the key to keeping belly fat at bay.

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